Cosmetic Surgery For Men



I had a NuAge Facelift done by Dr. Caldemeyer. Staff was very helpful, instructions were very good, facilities were convenient. I am pleased with the results and everything. I would recommend Dr. Caldemeyer. Benny Boe

NuAge Facelift with Cheek Implants



Full Face / Necklift



One of the most frequently asked question, especially by men, is how will the scars look. Below is a typical scar at about a month.



Upper Blepharoplasty



Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty








Facial Skin Resurfacing with Filler Scar Revision


Long lasting fillers, usually in conjunction with facial resurfacing and skin rejuvenation, can be used to elevate facial irregularities such as depressions or scars from acne, trauma or surgically induced depressions.